Learn. Grow. Become.

Our Mission

We are a registered non-profit organization that teaches students to become leaders. Each student receives an individualized opportunity to experience personal growth by caring for and working with horses. Miniature horses and carts are the means used to teach the unique skill of cart driving while quietly instilling virtues and teaching lifelong values. The learning takes place in a fun, relaxed farm/barn environment.

Horse traits and personalities vary and offer many parallels to those of humans. Our equine friends serve as silent teaching assistants simply by being.

Summer Camps

Spring/Fall Horse Clubs

Wild Mustang Masters

Private Lessons

We have fun.

We share.

We encourage children to lead and teach.

We explore possibilities.

We push our limits.

We work.

We learn the principles of discipline.

We encourage team participation.

We help each other.

We enjoy life.

We are a place of learning.